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Transcription of Interview - Linda DePalma


It started in a church, in a church basement with like four kids, the idea being read a story and make art in response to the story.

J: First we hang our coats up over there and we come and sit down at these tables and they explain what kind of projects we’re doing today. Then we get to work… He said make a face and when we did that he photocopied them and got big pieces of cardboard and we glued them on with this kind of sticky goo and put it on.
LD: I just love the idea. I like the idea of reading and art. It just seems like it’s… when you read a story sometimes you get inspired by that story sometimes there’s... you know all of a sudden something clicks and you can take it into a visual realm. And then vice versa, sometimes we start with a visual thing and kids write stories about what they’ve written, or incorporate stories.
B: When I am done I will be sure that I come by, or I come see Miss Linda. And I’m going to show her the book, and I’m going to make copies of the book, and I’m going to put it together and hopefully I’ll become the first child author.
LD: We hire these teachers who are artists. Artists and teachers. Artists who love kids. Artists who can communicate. That sort of thing. They develop relationships with the kids and become I think really positive role models. So that’s like the primary, you know, that’s sort of where we’re going with this.

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