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Transcription of Interview - Megan Hamilton


Our mission is to showcase artists of Baltimore and Maryland to the audiences of Baltimore and Maryland and to use that energy to catalyze positive change on Eastern Avenue. And what makes us unique is the facility is –we’re the only unaffiliated facility in Baltimore that’s a multimedia space.

What that means is we’re not a university. We’re not affiliated with a university. But, you know, unlike MAP or School 33 or the Contemporary we do more than visual arts, and unlike Center Stage and the Theater Project we have serious gallery space. So we’re doing all this stuff under one roof with kind of a holistic attitude about it, the synergy of all of those things happening under one roof feeding the other things happening under that roof. And that’s proven really successful. People love to come to a theater show here, they poke around that gallery, they poke around the upstairs gallery.

When we designed the space, we designed the space. All the architects were like ‘Oh you’ve got to build up a wall and a door. It’s got to be secure.’ And we were like ‘No, it can’t be. It’s not what we’re about.’ It’s about making sure as many people as possible see that artwork, and we know for a fact that the 200 people that come and see this performance will tottle through those galleries if we have them open and accessible. That focus on local performance and that kind of multimedia feel with the residences in a really diverse, really blue-collar neighborhood, you know, makes us a bit different.

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