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Good Spirits

The Mount Washington Wine Festival took place on Sunday Oct. 14, 2001. The downtown streets of the Village were shut off to traffic and booths were set up in there place. The booths sold food, wine and other vendor items. People of all ages came out to enjoy the festivities, and all were in good spirits. The parents focused on the food and wine and the children leaned more toward the face painting and the storytelling booth.

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The festivities began around noon and lasted into the early evening hours with people drinking and being merry while eating and shopping. “The Bridge” an up-and-coming band, set up on a platform in the middle of the square and played a few songs to entertain the crown while “Jack and the Beanstalk” was being acted out to entertain the children.

The festival, which was the first social event for most of the Mount Washington residents after the 9/11 incident, turned out to be a success. This year hundreds of neighbors and friends came out to be a part of what the day had to offer. People conversed all throughout the streets, drank the wine, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.