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Mount Vernon at its Best

Mount Vernon is about as eclectic as Baltimore City is going to be in one small area. Consisting of every type of entertainment possible, there is always something going on. There are all sorts of clubs and bars that cater to all walks of life. Every different culture is represented and its historical relevance to Baltimore is shown throughout its paths.

Located in the center of Baltimore City, Mount Vernon's main drag is directly on Charles Street, right below Charles Village and above the Inner Harbor. There you will find quaint shops and restaurants. Mount Vernon is also ideal for businesses, with high-rise buildings housing major Baltimore area law firms. Most of the people who live in the area are middle-class professionals and many college students mainly representing Maryland Institute College of Art, Johns Hopkins University, and a few other Baltimore City area colleges.

Some of Mount Vernon's main attractions make it the perfect place for Baltimore tourists. The George Washington Monument, located at the intersection of Central Avenue and Charles Street, is open to the public during the week for a high-rise view of the city. Surrounding the monument are many other sculptures including one of George Peabody, nymphs playing in a fountain, and others. Paths are situated around the sculptures offer a leisurely walk or a place to rest on one of its benches.

Mount Vernon is also home to the Walter's Art Museum(formerly the Walter's Art Gallery), Enoch Pratt Library, and the George Peabody Library. These institutions prove how influential Mount Vernon is to Baltimore's history. The George Peabody Library has possibly one of the most beautiful interiors in the country with a six-story foyer housing thousands of different books. Another gallery, the C. Grimaldis Gallery, has been open in Mount Vernon for over twenty years. There you will find impressionism at its best, and it is probably the only place in Baltimore with that sense of style.

Business owners are aware of its prospects and fully take advantage of what Mount Vernon has to offer. Shopping on the streets of Mount Vernon has a metropolitan feel, with all different types of shops to satisfy everybody's need. There are the posh New York City-style shops like Chrome and Nouveau, and quaint vintage shops such as The Zone and Dreamland. A few record shops still lurk on the bottom floors of some of the rowhomes, but they aren't as many as there were a few years ago.

In addition to shopping and historical aspects of Mount Vernon, tourists come to the area for its exquisite restaurants and nightly entertainment as well. All along Charles Street you will find all different types of restaurants with prices between each restaurant ranging drastically. A local favorite, Sascha's 527, is located directly in the heart of Mount Vernon right in front of the George Washington Monument. It is a fairly new restaurant having opened its doors only about two years ago. The prices are reasonable for its elegant ballroom type atmosphere and the food is ranked Best of Baltimore by the CityPaper. This is one of the most favorite places for the special occasion, and Baltimore City tourists find its mood close to an expensive New York City Restaurant. Other different types of restaurants are also located in Mount Vernon. These include Ixia, Donna's, and the Helmand.

Mount Vernon is home to a wide variety of nightly entertainment. There is a huge gay community in Mount Vernon, and many of its hot spots cater to their lifestyle. Central Station, The Hippo, and Gampy's are havens for all different types of people including Baltimore's gay community, Johns Hopkins medical students and Maryland Institute College of Art students alike. Other common places to hang out in Mount Vernon include Paloma's on West Eager Street, The Belvedere's Thirteenth Floor, The Owlbar, and Brewer's Art. Most of the nightly entertainment existing in Mount Vernon consists of live music or dancing. The prices are reasonable, but usually drinks more may be expensive than at your local bar or tavern.

Overall Mount Vernon caters to all different types of people and since there are so many things to do, boredom is not an option. Any given day can show tourists a wide variety of people walking its streets and shopping in the stores. Mount Vernon houses some of the most historic characteristics and architecture of Baltimore City and continues to attract tourists from all walks of life. It grows every year with many additions including restaurants, theaters, and shops to attract prospective tourists. Mount Vernon is could easily be on of the most diverse towns in Baltimore City.

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