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Contemporary Museum innovates with collaborations

Museum seeks to innovate in collaborations with other Mount Vernon cultural institutions

In Baltimore's Mount Vernon Cultural District art enthusiasts can go from ancient Egyptian art to post-modern art in just a few blocks.

The Contemporary Museum sits between the Maryland Historical Society and its very large and well-respected neighbor the Walters Art Museum.

The Contemporary Museum is the hub of new art in Mount Vernon. It presents what world renowned artists are creating today. "They are excellent at what they do," says Catherine Pierre, public relations manager at the Walters Art Museum.

"The Contemporary Museum presents the work of artists currently creating their art, contrasting to the collections of art of the past at the Walters Art Museum and the Maryland Historical Society," says Lisa Keir, executive director of the Mount Vernon Cultural District.

Leslie Shaffer, interim director at the Contemporary Museum, says it has collaborated with the Walters Art Museum, Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore Art Museum, Enoch Pratt Library and the Great Blacks in Wax museum in an attempt to update the public on art.

Walters Art Museum and Contemporary Museum relationship

The Walters Art Museum and the Contemporary Museum have a longstanding relationship. In 1996 they worked together to present "Going For Baroque," an exhibit that contrasted postmodern artists with artists from the 17th and 18th centuries. In 2002, they presented British film and videomaker Isaac Julien in "Facing Museums," according to Pierre.

The Walters and the Contemporary Museum are likely partners, because where one drops off the other picks up. The Walters Art Museum's permanent collection stops with early 20th century art, according to this museums web site, while the Contemporary Museum features more modern artists.

"We try to show the relationship between art of the past and contemporary art," says Pierre. She also says that the Walters tries very hard to pay attention to what is happening in the contemporary art world and that the Contemporary Museum helps them to do this.

The Walters and the Contemporary Museum have a number of upcoming collaborations planned. For more information on these events visit the Walters Art Museum and the Contemporary Museum, or call the Walters Art Museum at (410) 547-9000 or the Contemporary Museum at (410) 783-5720.

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