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Transcription of Interview - Eubie Blake

TJ : Four Students from Frederick Douglass High School tell about their experiences in the after school Cultural Arts Enrichment program at the Eubie Blake Center. 16-year-old Teela Bell, explains why she thinks the center is so great for kids like herself.
TB : I like to dance and I think it's a good program for the children. It gives them a chance to do something else in their free time other than just run the streets.
TJ : Teela hopes to use the techniques learned at the Center in her future.
TB : I plan on pursuing my career in dance.
TJ : Another Douglass student, 17-year-old Sheena Matthews, tells how she heard about the after school program.
SM : Well, I found out about the Eubie Blake Center through the dance teacher Dawnyelle.
TJ : Like many other Blake students, Matthews combines her training with previously learned skill in hopes of becoming a well-rounded performer.
SM : I sing, but I just dance for fun. So, it's like when you sing and perform, you gotta have something to back it up or whatever, so I just dance.
TJ : Matthews aims at furthering her dance career after graduation.
SM : I plan to take it up in college, maybe go to an art school... a college art school.
TJ : 17-year-old Kelvyn Brown, also found out about the program when instructor, Dawynelle Butler, came to Douglass High to recruit dancers for the team.
KB : Ms. Butler came to my school and she introduced the Eubie Blake Dance team, and I was interested, and I auditioned, and I got in.
TJ : Brown, along with several other school-age youths, takes part in multiple cultural activities included in the program.
KB : I participate in art, drama and dance. I like acting too, but dance is my major.
TJ : Rather than going home after school to simply lounge around, Brown comes to the Center every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to alleviate everyday pressures that sometimes come his way.
KB : I think that dance, or coming here, it relieves some of my stress that I have.
TJ : Fellow student, 17-year-old Sheena Howard supports Brown, appreciating the positive environment of the Blake Center.
SH : Dance, it relieves stress and it's just fun.
TJ : This is Tara Jones, reporting for BaltimoreStories.com

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