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Dabbling in Artscape

For three days in the month of July, the city of Baltimore masses together to celebrate the love of visual and performing arts in an intricately organized event appropriately named Artscape.

Artscape falls on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of July this year, stretching its activities across Baltimore City, but the main attraction for the first time pursuant is Mount Royal Avenue.

Artscape features an extensive three-day schedule of local and world-renowned performers such as O'Malley's March, Kelly Bell Band, Kool & The Gang, India Arie and MeShell Ndegeocello. Dance, opera, theater and poetry are just a few of the performing arts scheduled. Other tents host independent short films, reading and writing workshops, comedy acts, and photography.

Among the tents of featured art is Bright Starts, a community program free of charge designed to teach kids seven to fifteen-years-old arts and crafts. The Bright Starts tent will display a number of productions of art that students have completed during the workshops over the past eight months.

"Artscape is like homecoming week where people come and let us know what their kids are doing or they come themselves and say what they're doing and make that connection." Michelle McCallum, Bright Starts' program director said.

McCallum attributes the organization of the Bright Starts tent presence to Archie Veal.

"He's in charge at Artscape." McCallum said. "He always puts together a fabulous show of work and puts it together in ways I haven't even considered it."

In addition to the artwork collected from the students for Artscape, a short book comprised of literature and linedrawings is also featured.

"We also do a chapbook each year. It's a softbound publication of writing, plays from the puppet and performance workshop, and line art that works in the book. It comes out in conjunction with Artscape." McCallum said.

More information can be found at the Artscape's website.

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