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Bumpo the Elephant –Theresa's newest creation

Theresa Segreti is the Director of Design and Education for the museum. She is also a graphic designer. Fifi the pink poodle, and Bumpo the elephant were both designed and created by Segreti’s brilliant mind.

Segreti’s been very active in past Kinetic Sculpture Races; she has piloted Fifi over the last couple years. She said pedaling these sculptures is basically like pedaling 1,500 pounds of weight; it’s not easy. She said she also planned to pilot Bumpo, her new creation, as well. As one might guess, Segreti has seen it all.

“The scariest story was Fifi without brakes; going downhill with 1,500 pounds of poodle around you with no brakes—now that’s a scary situation,” Segreti said.

Segreti said she's really enjoyed working on these projects with the museum. She said she loves having the opportunity have such a fun job, and be apart of the Kinetic Sculpture Race.

"It's a very funny race where human ingenuity and determination and a good sense of humor get you through," Segreti said.

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