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The Kinetic Beauty Shoppe Workshop

The American Visionary Art Museuem (AVAM), 800 Key Highway, opened its doors in 1995, and it is chock full of eye candy. AVAM often hosts free workshops, films and tons of other fun things to do. The museum isn’t limited to its indoor exhibits. It leaks onto the sidewalks and seems as though it’s in its own little corner of the world.

Between the tall sculpture barn, which has 45-foot ceilings and can accommodate overgrown sculptures, and the main building that houses six galleries is an area called the giant whirligig and sculpture plaza. This area, resembling a court yard, was ideal for contestants of the Fifth Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race to parade around in.

The Kinetic Sculpture Race took place on April 26, and it was comprised of many human-powered works of art. These works of art were built from old bicycles and other parts, and they had to be able to maneuver through a 15-mile course over land, sea, mud, and water. Winners of the 2003 East Coast Kinetic Sculpture Race will go on to compete in an international Kinetic Sculpture Race. Hobart Brown, an artist, developed the idea for this race in 1969.

Beginning on Tuesday, April 15 through Friday, April 18 AVAM hosted the Kinetic Beauty Shoppe Workshop. The workshop was an open invitation for anyone to come and help prepare the kinetic sculptures for race day. The four featured sculptures were: Bernie, a 15-foot frog, Fifi, a 14-foot pink poodle, Bumpo, a 14-foot elephant and a 12-foot duck that resembled a rubber ducky. The workshop took place in the tall sculpture barn.

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