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More Than Just Cheerleaders
By Michael Vandermause
For BaltimoreStories.com

The Ravens Cheerleaders are kept busy with a grueling practice schedule and weekly performances at home games. But the cheerleaders' activities extend far beyond the football field. They offer their support and encouragement to more than just the men in purple earning multi-million dollar salaries. They are cheerleaders for the entire Baltimore community.

They have gone overseas to support American Troops as well as make countless appearances in the Baltimore area to do performances and sign autographs for the community.

Autographs or performances from the Ravens Cheerleaders have brightened many peoples' days. The thousands of people at the various charity events routinely express their gratitude for the Ravens Cheerleaders donation of their free time; free time that is already being burnt at both ends by their jobs and their busy practice schedule.

But signing autographs and showing their smiling faces isn't enough for these men and women. They somehow find it in their hearts, and their schedule books, to do so much more.

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