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View the Noise Show

by Christine Hansen
For BaltimoreStories.com

Baltimore is filled with typical city noises like the constant drone of cars passing by, people talking, shouting or singing, the drilling at construction sites and the blare of car horns in the early morning (signaling yet another car double parked in the city lanes), just to name a few. But the sounds of Baltimore incorporate more than just the typical sounds of the city–they are so much more.

Walk along the city streets and the rhythmic jingle of bells and cloppity-clop of horse-drawn food carts of Baltimore 's own arabbers of the Arabber Preservation Society occasionally pass by. Tour the Inner Harbor and hear the melodic singing at the Fudgery, where workers perform off-Broadway show tunes while cooking up fudge orders for customers. Pass by the Funkbox and tunes of Irish descent from the local band, O'Malley's March, pipes into the air. Talk to local residents and discover the southern twang of “Balmorese,” the Baltimorean language. Together, these sounds make up the musical composition of Baltimore. Shhhhhh, be quiet. Bend your ear a little closer and you will hear the twang and the funk of a sound distinctive only to Baltimore.

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