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The Baltimore Museum of Industry’s
Theatre on the Harbor Program

You might think that a museum dedicated to preserving industrial heritage would have no need for a theater program, well you’re wrong. Since 1996, the BMI’s theatre program, Theatre on the Harbor, has been visiting museums, schools and community organizations in the greater Baltimore area.

This program was original developed in 1995 with a single children’s musical called “Gizmo’s Invention Show.” Today, “Gizmo’s Invention Show” is still on the road and is joined by four other musicals for children, two musicals for high school audiences, five musicals for adult audiences, eight first-person presentations and three radio-style story theatre musical presentations.

The Museum’s Communications Gallery Theatre, which opened in 2002, allows the BMI to give in-house performances. School performances are held throughout the week at the Communications Theatre and Saturday Matinees are now being offered on the first Saturday of each month at 2 p.m.

Debbie Wynn, director of the Theatre on the Harbor program has been with the Baltimore Museum of Industry since 1989. Ms. Wynn has a variety of experience in the world of theatre. In addition to writing and directing BMI musicals such as “Gizmo’s Invention Show,” “Heroes on Parade” and “Rosie,” Ms. Wynn has also co-written several other BMI programs including “Working in the Neighborhood” and “Right Place, Right Time, Wright Brothers.” Before that she directed productions for the Spotlighters Theatre, the Theatre of the Performing Arts and the Jewish Community Center.

This year the Theatre on the Harbor Program is proud to present seven musicals and six first-person presentations.

Musical Productions:
Right Place, Right Time, Wright Brothers Join the BMI in celebrating the history of flight in this one-hour presentation.
4 - Adults
Working in My Neighborhood This 40-minute presentation is a musical journey through a functional neighborhood. Children hear songs about workers who must keep their community running on a day-to-day basis. Through demonstrations and role playing, this presentation promotes the importance of different jobs. pre K - 2
Heroes on Parade This forty-minute presentation salutes the heroes of our country. Historical heroes, heroes of science, sports heroes family heroes and neighborhood heroes come to life on stage. pre K - 2
Gizmo’s Invention Show This program is a show and tell demonstration of old and new inventions. This 50-minute presentation demonstrates the manufacturing processes of local industries through audience participation. 2 - 5
Rosie Rosie is a musical salute to Rosie the Riveter and the women who kept the home front alive while the men went to war in the 1940s. This program discusses issues such as rationing, child care, housing, and the job opportunities of a WWII housewife. Middle School - Adults
Memories and Melodies of the Golden Age of Radio The WBMI Radio Theatre Company recalls the music and shows of the golden age of radio. Middle School - Adults
Let Freedom Ring This one-hour musical presentation showcases the patriotic music of the 1940’s. Adult Audiences

First-Person Presentations:
Nellie Bly Takes on the World This one-hour play explores the role of America’s first investigative journalist.
3 - Adults
Mary Katherine Goddard, A Colonial Printer This one-hour presentation by Kathy Sewell tells the story of America’s first female postmaster. 3 - Adults
Northern Belle, Southern Spy Meg Kelly shares the story of two civil war spies. 3 - Adults
In Haste, Laura Keene Travel back in time with Tamara Johnson as she portrays the famous 19th century actress Miss Laura Keene. 3 - Adults
Harriet Tubman’s Journey to Freedom This one-woman presentation chronicles the struggles of Harriet Tubman’s struggle for freedom 3 - Adults
Thomas Edison & His Inventions This one-man show explores the inventions of Thomas Edison. 3 - Adults

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