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New plans for Maryland Science Museum

The Maryland Science Center has some great exhibits to check out if you’re ever on the harbor. Adults and children can enjoy an IMAX Theater, a 3-D laser theater, a planetarium, and an astronomical observatory.

The building is currently under renovation and should be completed by May. However, the building will remain open throughout the renovation.

“The new Maryland Science Center will feature permanent installations dealing with dinosaurs and earth science, the human body, a science discovery center for early learners, advanced mathematics, physical science and biomedical research, outer space and earth systems science,” said Pete Yancone, Director of Education at the Maryland Science Center. “Also, there will be a temporary exhibition about the chimpanzee research of Jane Goodall for the opening.”

The Maryland Science Center offers several different educational programs for all ages of visitors. Yancone believes the programs are typical of most museums or sciences.

“We have classes and workshops for visiting school groups or the public, overnight camp-in events, live demonstrations of science phenomena, small group science encounters that help visitors interpret the exhibits or extend the content, and an array of programs for teachers designed to update their science content knowledge or teaching skills,” said Yancone.

They also have an educational program called the Traveling Science Program.

“The eight-member team drives 80,000 to 100,000 miles a year, taking science assemblies, classroom programs, and portable planetarium programs to every county in Maryland and the surrounding states,” said Niki Hord, who is in charge of the outreach programs at the Maryland Science Museum.

They are also looking for volunteers to help out with some of their education programs and deliver it to visitors. Volunteer jobs include conducting demonstrations, running an exhibit gallery, working with visitors in the exhibit halls or working behind the scenes in the museum. Anyone interested in volunteering at the Maryland Science Center should contact the volunteer coordinator, Tony Washington at (410) 685-2730.

For hours, directions and other general information, call (410) 685-5225 or visit the Maryland Science Center’s Web site.

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