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Port Discovery: Looking for volunteers

Port Discovery is looking to increase their volunteers to help out in an assortment of different jobs at the museum.

“They do everything from helping people out on the floor to explaining exhibits,” said Blackwell. “We even have a volunteer who is interested in changing careers and he is working in our development office and doing some serious work with development research, grants and funding.”

There are several volunteer jobs broken up into sections: There are the creative arts, exhibit/exit surveys, story tellers, greeters, script writers, overnights, special events services, and mailings. The museum does do background checks to make sure future volunteers do not have any issues with children.

“They are always looking for volunteers. I'm retired, I was in business, and it keeps me busy several days a week,” said Herb a volunteer greeter at Port Discovery. “It's a job where if I want to take off and travel, I have no obligations and I travel a lot.”

Here are descriptions of some of the volunteer jobs that people can apply for at Port Discovery:

  • Creative Arts : Helps children with the current arts and craft projects in the R & D DreamLab and Studio Workshop.

  • Exhibit/Exit Surveys : Ask visitors to fill out surveys on what they thought about experience at Port Discovery.

  • Story Teller : Come in and tells stories to young children at the library and sensation station.

  • Greeter : Make sure people know how to get to the box office and gives people direction to where everything is located in the building.

  • Translator : Translate languages for visitors who do not speak English.

  • Overnights : Assist Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in the Overnight program.

  • Special Events Services : Help plan exhibit openings for upcoming events.

  • Mailings : Help send out newsletters and sort out mail for employees.

Port Discovery also offers special volunteer services to anyone who would like to come in and teach a certain topic.

Herb, who has volunteered at Port Discovery since the opening, discussed his experiences as a volunteer.

“There are various jobs here to be with people,” said Herb. “Every morning they have a sheet that tells the volunteers where they are assigned to keep them busy all day.”

For more information about becoming a volunteer, call (410) 864-2726, or visit Port Discovery's web site.

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