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A Little Food for Thought, Hon

You can’t miss Café Hon, with the larger-than-life pink flamingo hanging on the outside of the building.

"For years, my boyfriend and I have gone to eat at Café Hon," said patron Victoria Fingles, "we love it."

You sit at antique tables, eat homemade food off mix-matched plates, enjoy the melt-away mashed potatos or creamy and cool cucumber vinagarette dressing that simply satisfies the tastebuds. And then there are the made from scratch desserts that make you need a glass of milk just by looking at them.

The smells of home cooking filled the air from the kitchen and surrounding tables.

"The atmosphere was just plain fun from the teacup chandeliers to the old diner kitchen area," said diner Connie Glass.

Café Hon also offers the now-famous HON bumper stickers as soon as you walk in the door. They are free but dontations are appreciated.

Glass has been to Café Hon many times and said that it has always been busy. "Every time my family comes here, it is packed!" she added.

The love of the locals comes through strong at Café Hon.

They are constantly coming through the door and being greeted with smiles by the staff. On a recent visit, one elderly couple set that tone. The pair entered the restaurant after much patience and help from the staff. The man had appeared to have suffered a stroke and had difficulty walking with both aids from a walker and his wife.

A total of three waitresses helped the couple through the door and right to the table. They had the table ready with the chair pulled out. It seemed as though the waitresses had done this before.

When the man was finally settled, I heard the waitress say to the woman, "Ms. Betty, I will go take your car around back now." And then a few minutes later, "Ms. Betty, your car is right around back, and I will go get it again when y’all are finished."

For members of the Café Hon staff to care so much made the experience that much better. It is hard to find a restaurant that honors the value of quality customer service.

Denise Whiting opened Café Honand has been in business for 10 years and going strong. The restaurant moved from across the street about five years ago and now resides at 1002 W. 36th St. The restaurant used to be a hardware store with the adjoining bar being a jewelry store.

Cindy Showalter moved to Hampden last year. When asked what brought her to live in Hampden, she replied that she was looking for a strong sense of community. "We wanted a friendly atmosphere and this place certainly has it, and it feels good. I am glad to be here."

If you are in the mood for something else, you can always try some of the other stores located on W. 36th Street like:
  • Holy Frijoles
Mexican restaurant.
  • Keller’s
Beer, wine and lotto.
Fresh seafood, pastas, desserts and steaks.
  • Avenue Diner
Homemade foods and family atmosphere.
  • "The Avenue" Ice Cream Shoppe
Hand-dipped ice cream and Italian ices.
  • New System Bakery
Freshly made pastries and baked goods.
  • The Soda Fountain at Hometown Girl & Co.
Milkshakes, ice cream sodas and espresso drinks.
  • Common Ground
Coffee shop.
  • Susie’s Soba
Korean and Japanese specialties.
  • Hampden Food Market
Groceries, produce, deli, wine and beer.

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