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Skin: the Natural Canvas

Words of wisdom hang on a wall at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum as a final reminder to make sure you know what you want.

Hampden resident Bill Stevenson is the owner of the Baltimore Tattoo Museum. Opened May 5, 1999, this tattoo parlor’s employees take great pride in the work they create. “You have to have a love for [tattooing]. If you do, it will show in the quality of your work”, said Stevenson.

Showing every client respect, the employees of this parlor spend as much time as necessary to ensure that everyone is happy. They make sure that each question is answered and there are no doubts left in the customer's mind before beginning the tattoo.

This friendly atmosphere and superior quality brings people of all types, from the 18-year-old who has been dreaming of getting his first tattoo to those covered with body art. “We wanted a place where we could offer top notch tattooing for serious collectors and a comfortable environment for first-timers”, Stevenson said.

Having been involved with tattoos since his first 16 years ago, Stevenson began tattooing four and a half years ago. Everyone hopes to find a career that makes him happy to go to work in the morning. As Stevenson said, “Even the worst of days have bits of sunshine in them because I get to do this”.