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Hispanic businesses prosper around historic Fells Point

Fells Point has always been a favorite spot in Baltimore. Tourists like to gather around to see this historic site and to visit restaurants and gift shops on the old cobblestone street. The locals love to gather at night to make the rounds of their favorite bars.

The waterfront location has historically attracted many immigrants as well. Fells Point is now the center of Baltimore's growing Hispanic community. The city's Hispanic population is now estimated around 15,000, and most of them have chosen to live in the area around Fells Point to Patterson Park, according to Enrique Bardeneira, the owner of the Hispanic club Latin Palace.

Latin Palace seems to be the most successful and renowned Hispanic business in the city. The Latin club/restaurant is located on Broadway and appeals not only to the Hispanic population but also to anyone who simply love to party at this tropical palace.

On the corner of Eastern Avenue and Wolf Street is the Mexican grocery store/restaurant La Guadalupana. Family-owned, operated businesses have always been very popular among immigrants. La Guadalupana is one of them, owned by Juan and Cristobalina Ramos, parents of six children, and operated by the whole family. Here, immigrants can find almost everything they need even though they live far away from their home countries.

Another business prominent in Fells Point is the classy Spanish restaurant Café Madrid, which has won numbers of prizes including the Zagat Survey. José "Chef Pepe" Gutiérrez entertains every customer with his food and his warm personality.

As the Hispanic population has grown in the area, a number of organizations serving the community have also emerged. EBLO offers educational opportunities to improve lives of Hispanics a non-profit organization established in 1980, has been prominent in the area, providing accessible educational and cultural opportunities to children and adults in the community.

For most Hispanic immigrants, Baltimore is attractive enough to settle in because of its quieter neighborhood and beautiful sites like the Inner Harbor.

Living in a mid-size city like Baltimore, traveling is not always necessary to experience and taste other cultures or even to brush up your language skills. At Fells Point, you can learn the true hearts of Hispanic immigrants who happen to live in Charm City.

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