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Fells Point Treasures

While Fells Point started life as a sailor's town, today its cobblestone streets also lead to an unbelievable variety of treasures.

Lutheran Mission Society

The Lutheran Mission Society has been doing “The Lord’s Work” since 1905. For the people of Fells Point, LMS helps guide many through times of tumult and chaos. For some, it’s more than just a charity; it’s a way of life.

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Other Stories

Authentic Spanish food with unique chef brings European Latin flavor: The restaurant Café Madrid is located on Broadway right next to the Hispanic club/restaurant Latin Palace.

Beans and Bread meal program: A line forms on the corner of Bond Street in Fells Point five days a week.

Beans and Bread offers transitional housing for recovering addicts: The Frederick Ozanam House provides more than just shelter four five-bedroom apartments where 20 men recovering from addiction live communally.

Beans and Bread outreach center: Learning lab and day resource center offers more than just food for the needy.

Bohemian ambience with a catch: The folks who live in the Baltimore waterfront neighborhood of Fells Point take the bad with the good.

Brian Chittum: Brian Chittum is one of many Fells Point bouncers who try to maintain order.

EBLO offers educational opportunities to improve lives of Hispanics: As the Hispanic population expands in Baltimore, a number of related organizations have also emerged to improve the quality of their lives.

Fells Point has the heart of Baltimore: From the heart of Fells Point Beans and Bread serves people in need.

Ghost Tour: Fells Point Ghost Tour.

Haunted Fells Point spots.: According to the residents, the history of Fells Point comes alive at night.

Hispanic Population: Hispanic population influence upon historic Fells Point.

I'm a survivor: Larry Sigmon's story is one of survival.

La Guadalupana reflects lives of Baltimore's Hispanic community: Step into this grocery store, and you feel as if you have entered in a foreign tropical land.

Latin Palace offers alternative nightlife at Fells Point: Latin Palace is not just another salsa club.

Looking for class in Fells Point: Fells Point is known as a good place to party and get hammered, but if you can manage to get past the rowdy college crowd you might stumble upon one of its hidden treasures.

More than just a meal: The history of Beans and Bread, Fells Point’s outreach center.

Overcoming all odds: Resident credits his survival to Frederick Ozanam House.

Phil Cunneff: Jazz cat finds a home: For much of his 48 years, Phil Cunneff has lived the vagabond life of a jazz musician.

Relive a recent Halloween via video: Halloween is nonstop craziness.

Take a Walk Through Fells Point: Tour Fells via video.

The Blarney Stone Bar: The Blarney Stone bar offers visitors a taste of Ireland.

Transcription of Interview - Larry Sigmon