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Popular Ballroom Links
By Kimberly Parody

Baltimore has a wide range of popular venues to ballroom dance and take lessons. There is something for every one of all dance abilities. So, put on your dance shoes and check out these links of some places of interest in the area.

Atlantic Ballroom- Located in Towson, this dance studio offers lessons to all levels of dance, both social and competitive.

Beginning Ballroom— Dance instructors here travel to venues around the area that are convenient to students. Lessons are taught for weddings, parties, groups and other events.

The Belvedere— This hotel in downtown Baltimore has events going on throughout the week, but Wednesday is the night to come here. The night includes a buffet, lessons and dancing.

Friday Night Swing Club— There is dancing every weekend, taking place at different ballrooms in the area, offering swing and Latin dancing.

Promenade Dancesport Facility— There are always events happening, including lessons, open dance sessions and special events. The 5,500 square foot dance floor allows plenty of room to dance the night away.

Towson Dance Studio— This studio has the option of taking lessons in private or group settings. Lessons are given in social ballroom, competitive and International style.

United States Amateur Ballroom Dance Association- USABDA is a national organization providing all sorts of resources to dancers who both dance socially and competitively.

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