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The Franciscan Center

The Franciscan Center located at 101 W. 23rd street in downtown Baltimore is nothing more than a brown brick building from the outside. But through the glass doors lies a world that many are unfamiliar with; a world filled with caring and helpful people who are there for the “clients,” the ones who count on the Franciscan Center for food, clothing, linens, toiletries and someone to just say “hi” to and not get turned away.

Carol Myles, Director of volunteer services is one of these people who doesn’t turn away. Myles along with a dedicated staff work hard daily to keep the Center how it is today; a place that is there to help those in need.

Within the next few linked pages lies a place close to home that many do not know about. It's a place of love and caring, where people are working to help others excel in life. This place is the Franciscan Center, Baltimore City.