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The Chesapeake Center for Youth Development: Changing lives and buiding bridges

The Chesapeake Center for Youth Development was founded in 1974, and in the past nineteen years, the center has come a long way in providing educational, job training, counseling and other programs to the youth of Maryland.

The center is located in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, but the reach of services and programs that the center provides spans much farther than the former church located on East Patapsco Avenue that houses the center.

Ivan Leshinsky, executive director of the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development is proud of how far the center has come over the past two decades.

“The mission is to help young people who are at risk,” Leshinsky said. “To give them the skills and the training that they need so that they can lead appropriate lives, be responsible and productive and overcome obstacles that they have to getting there.”

Learn more about the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development:

  • Read about some of the programs and services provided by the Chesapeake Center, including The Hollywood Diner, the site of the center's job-training program.

  • Hear from Hollywood Diner's manager Dino Xanthopoulos and shift manager Pam Hanrahan about what they have learned from the teens that they work with.

  • Watch the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development Slideshow and meet some of the teens that work at the Hollywood Diner.