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Some classics never go out of style

If you’ve ever been to a movie theater before, but have never been to the Senator, then you’ve never really been to the movies.

The Theater, located at 5904 York Road offers movie goers much more than just a first class film, but a new way to experience cinema.

It’s a change of pace from what you’ve come to expect from your local Cineplex, the Senator isn’t only about the top notch films it shows, but is about the magic of going to the movies.

The domed ceiling, circular room and gentle music of the waiting area, transport you back in time to when going to the movies was a grand affair.

“What keeps me coming back to the Senator is the atmosphere,” said William Henderson, a Baltimore native. “The theater is beautiful, it’s the only place in town where I’ll watch a movie.” And it doesn’t stop with just the atmosphere; the price at the concession stand is still pretty low by today’s standards.

You can get a drink and a bag of popcorn at the senator for only five dollars. Not too bad, if you consider what other corporate run movie theaters charge their patrons.

There’s even a lounge in both the men and women’s rest rooms, if you wanted to take a little break before, during, or after the show.

It’s a very classy addition, to an already classic looking place.

The first time you walk into the auditorium it can be breathtaking. Its not that you see lines of stadium style seats, or the letters THX brandished on the walls, it’s the view.

The Senator boasts the largest screen in the region, and it’s no wonder why USA Today named the theater one of the four best theaters in the United States.

And with such a large screen, any one of the nine hundred seats will give patrons more than an ample vantage point of the show Balcony seating for large groups is also available.

There’s even a curtain that reveals the screen when the lights go down, and the beautiful setting gives you the feeling as if you’re sitting in theater, sometime in the past.

Except in this case, the sound system is top notch, with amazing visuals, rounding out the package.

In addition to big name films, such as Star Wars episode one: The Phantom Menace and the Grammy Award winning Chicago , the Senator shows foreign films and what they consider to be diverse programming.

“I love the Senator, it has a very classy feel to it,” said Jen Martinelli, 22, “It took the movie experience to a whole new level for me.”

This experience is amplified, knowing that directors such as John Waters and Barry Levinson, both of which are Baltimore natives, chose to premiere their films at the Senator.

These films alongside many others have been immortalized on the sidewalk outside of the theater.
Known as the walk of fame, it houses memories from such films as Crybaby and the re-release of the Wizard of Oz .

“Looking at all of the names in the concrete is really interesting,” said Nancy Lipson, an area local. “I liked seeing which names I knew and which ones I didn’t. It really adds character to a great theater.”

The walk was created to commemorate special moments in the theaters history. Each block is representative of the Senators unique character.

This character is what has earned the theater a place in the hearts of those that have stepped through those doors.

“It’s such a great experience, whenever I go to the Senator to watch a movie,” said Lisa Miranda. “The screen is so big, and the sound is phenomenal, I feel like I’m in the movie.”

It’s the type of atmosphere that lends itself to every subtle nuance of the film you’re watching. You can feel the size of the building around you, and you can sense the history as well.

The effect is enough to change the way you see the movie, this place could make even the most tragic of films seem half decent.

And when you leave, you’re left with the lingering sensation that no matter what movie you saw, it was the greatest film ever.

This feeling lends itself to your conversation, as you take the walk back to the Senators parking lot down the street.

It lingers in your memory until your return to claim yourself a spot in line, alongside the walk of fame.