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Mexicolor at Galerie Francoise E.S.F.

Judy Zinman Heimann is a mixed media artist who is showing her series, Mexicolor, at Mary Jo Gordon’s gallery, Galerie Françoise et Ses Freres. Heimann’s work will be on display from April 30 to May 20.

Heimann grew up in New York City where she discovered and developed her love for art. Her mom encouraged her to pursue her dream and Heimann went to study in the Village at a studio for gifted children. When she was older, she attended Bart College where she was a dance major and art minor. After graduation, she decided to study painting and illustration at Long Beach State.

“I was around 11 years old when I started painting,” Heimann said. “But I became serious about my work around 1965.”

Right around the time Gordon was getting ready to start her own gallery, Heimann moved to Maryland. She has been living here for about 16 years and like Gordon, sculptures were her main focus back then.

“I used to do a lot of sculptures but I find it hard to do that now,” Heimann said. “To do the physical part of it is hard because of my age.”

Heimann has a studio in her apartment and when she is working on a series she says a typical day for her is to get up and start working around 10 a.m. and continue until about noon. She will then take a two hour break to watch soap operas on television and when they are over, she will go back to working on her art.

“Each piece takes about a couple of weeks to finish and the big ones can take a couple of months,” she said. “One of them took me three months to finish.”

Heimann says what inspires her work is simply the drive to do something. She is always searching for more and to get better and produce better work. And once her work is done, it is time for her to display what she has created. She stops all her other work and puts everything she has into her shows. Heimann’s favorite part of being an artist is hanging the show.

Right now, her show is hanging in Lutherville.

I love showing here,” Heimann said. “I think it’s a good venue and Mary Jo is fun to work with. There are so few galleries in Baltimore and she is willing to work with the artists and allow them to take-off.”

So what’s next for Heimann? Even she is not sure. She thinks that she might continue with her Mexicolor series because it is so much fun to create. She would like to make bigger, more abstract pieces but she is still unsure. And that’s how Heimann likes to work; off ideas in her head.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I have some ideas but I don’t know where it’s going to go yet. I just sort of have a thing in my head.”

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