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Bird Watcher
By Ken Rossman
For BaltimoreStories.com

Every town has a sports tradition as well as loyal, hardcore fans, and Baltimore is no different. Baltimore has a long, rich history of football, having housed two NFL franchises, the Baltimore Colts and Baltimore Ravens.

Look no further than this diverse group of fans in order to understand the gargantuan appeal of football. Among them is a cheerleader who became a fan through her job, a pair of middle-aged Baltimoreans with memorable anecdotes, a college student whose analysis of the Ravens rivals that of an ESPN anchor, a couple made up of a Baltimore fan and Pittsburgh fan, and of course, some of those crazy tailgaters and costume wearers who offer insight into how they help make Baltimore a true “home field” advantage.

To every one of these people, being a fan of Baltimore football means something. Just ask Bill Cervenka and Bob Salveron, who run a charity entitled “Ravens’ Nest,” or some of the old-school Colts fans like Jim DeMoss who compare relentlessly the differences between the game today and the sport they grew up with. Every fan has a profile and a reason for being a fan. These are just some of the “Bird Watchers” you can find in Baltimore.

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