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Charm City Hoops
By Benjamin Hughes
For BaltimoreStories.com

The pulse of Baltimore basketball is not hard to find if a person looks in the right places. It will probably not be found at the 1st Mariner Arena or any other large venue where basketball could be played.Instead it can be found on courts scattered across the city. Whether it is legendary outdoor courts that have hosted hundreds games featuring NBA players (past and present) and streetball legends or a gym where a wheelchair league plays, the heart of Baltimore basketball will begin to show.

Still, the heart does not lie in the courts where the games are played but in the people involved with the game. There are the streetballers and players who are out there giving it their all on the blacktop or hardwood. There are the coaches and mentors investing in the lives of those affected by basketball.

The people who have contributed on the court are important to the Charm City but the people who have used basketball as a way to give back to their community are Baltimore icons .

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