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Skate Parks in Baltimore

Skate parks in the Baltimore area attract skateboarders from all over the country. Even though there is not an abundance of skate parks in Maryland, the few that are open are popular. The skate scene in Baltimore is supported by these parks because they help promote the sport. The main attraction of the skate parks in Baltimore and nation-wide is to allow skaters the freedom to skate without being bothered by police. Skateboarders are always in search of finding a new place to skate to freely express themselves.

One of the oldest skate parks on the East Coast is located in Landsdowne, Md. The park is an outdoor, concrete park. The skate park opened in 1973 and has since drawn a loyal following from amateur to professional skateboarders. It is commonly known as Landsdowne Skate Park, however, its official title is Sandy Hills Skate Park

Professional skateboarder, Rodney Jones, started skating at this park when he was eleven-years-old.

“Everyone has rolled through Landsdowne at one point or another. It’s a classic,” Jones said.

The park is owned and operated by Baltimore County. One positive aspect about this skate park is its free admission policy. The park is also monitored by police on bicycles.

“I think skateboarding is a good idea,” said police officer Rubie.

“It is something positive for the kids to do,” said police officer Darcey. “I’m just glad the park is
still around because the kids could be doing something else illegal, but they come here instead.”

Amber Parker is a skateboarder who lives in Blacksburg, Va., and visits Sandy Hills Skate Park every opportunity she can.

“This is the first park like this that I’ve been to. The course flows, almost like I was surfing,” Parker said. “This is an old park and it’s designed differently from other parks. I come here whenever I can because it is so fun to skate.”

J.P. Rowan is a 21-year-old who is from Richmond. Va. and enjoys skating at Sandy Point Skate Park. “It’s kind of like being apart of history by coming here. This park is perfect for long boards and dropping in,” Rowan said.

Another popular skate park in Baltimore is sponsored by Skate Wave. It is located on North Point Boulevard. This skate park was originally built in Stansbury, Md.; however, it could not stay there because of vandalism done to the park.

The park is owned and operated by Baltimore County. This park was brought to Baltimore because of Jones’ request. Jones met with Baltimore city officials to guide them in knowing where skate parks would make the most impact in Baltimore.

“I grew up in this area and I know that we desperately needed more parks. Since Skate Wave is one of my sponsors and I’m from Baltimore, I thought it would be a good idea to combine the two,” Jones said.

Jacob Rolnick is an 11-year-old skateboarder from Baltimore, Md., and enjoys visiting this Skate Wave Skate Park.

“It’s fun to come here. I like it because we haven’t had anything like his in our neighborhood before,” Rolnick said.

Skate parks are an important step in building the sport of skateboarding. Even though the number of skateboarders in Baltimore is rising, the number of parks stays the same. It provokes the thought of how many soccer fields were built when that sport became popular in the United States?

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