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Dining on a budget

Imagine that you’ve just finished a stressful morning at work or school. Your stomach is crying out to appease those hunger pains. You know its lunchtime and you’ve only got an hour to scarf down something fast. Your initial instinct leads you to McDonald’s , Wendy’s or another fast-food restaurant because they are budget friendly and convenient. Then you remember eating at the town diner as a child. You haven’t eaten at a diner for a longtime, so you decide that today’s the day to do so. After searching through the yellow pages you spot five diners that spark your curiosity. Soon after, you get in your car and drive to check each one out.

The first diner you drive to is the classic Double-T-Diner. A longtime community favorite since 1959, this diner serves customers hot or cold meals 24 hours a day.

Then you decide to take a drive downtown. After a few minutes, you spot Mike’s Place. This quaint diner, although small in stature, lacks nothing in quality and service.

While downtown, you spot another diner hotspot, the Hollywood Diner. This diner sports a completely different atmosphere. Celebrities from near and far have graced this popular diner with their presence for over 20 years.

A little later you receive a call from a friend who lives on St. Paul Street. Once you told her about your quest to find some great diners in the area, she mentions Tamber’s Nifty Fifties Dinning, which offers customers the traditional dinning experience with an Indian twist.

After checking out four diners you’re ready to call it a day. On your way back home, you spot one more diner and decide to explore it rather quickly. This diner is like nothing you have ever seen before. The walls and ceilings are covered with headless Barbie dolls, action figures, bright colors and so much more. Before exiting, you jot down on a napkin that the diner is called Papermoon for future reference.

Now that you have obtained this valuable information, you’re destined to have a delicious lunch at any one of these places for a great price.

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Dynamite Double-T Diner: Open 24 hours a day, the diner serves the Baltimore community fast meals at affordable prices.

Hollywood Diner: Charm city's celebrity diner: The Hollywood Diner is one of the few places you'll find in Baltimore that celebrities have graced with their presence for over two decades.

Mike's Place: A diner with a smile: Mike's Place opened in 1944 by George Corpus.

Papermoon Diner: If you’re in the mood for a wacky tacky, out of this world dining experience, you are sure to love the Papermoon Diner.

Tamber's Nifty Fifties Dining: A taste of home: Have you ever had a craving for quick and casual diner food, but wanted something different from the usual diner specials?