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Papermoon Diner

If you’re in the mood for a wacky tacky, out of this world dining experience, you are sure to love the Papermoon Diner. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, this diner has sprung much of its popularity from younger generations who want a yummy meal that’s close to mom’s home cooking and a groovy atmosphere that captures their attention while they are served.

The Papermoon Diner opened in 1994. Owner Un Kim named the diner after a movie she adored as a child. In the beginning, Kim’s main goal was to create an entertaining environment.

“Our purpose was to make a diner that was for all people, nurturing vitality and self expression. But before we could actually create this type of diner, we asked ourselves what do people need? Through that we realized that people needed to have fun, no matter what age they may be,” said Kim.

The best way to visualize what the Papermoon looks like is to close your eyes and imagine a place that resembles a warehouse that is anything but ordinary. Every single crevice of the diner is decorated with interesting trinkets. Ladies may be fascinated when they notice headless Barbie dolls and limbless, naked mannequins hanging from the ceiling. Guys will be reminded of some of their favorite childhood pastimes when they spot HeMan, G. I. Joe and other action hero’s along the walls.

Furthermore, people will be intrigued with the talented artwork the Papermoon proudly displays. Most of the artwork does not come from professionals. Instead, Kim prefers to give up and coming art students the opportunity to see their work in a public setting.

Once customers are seated in the diner, they receive colorful menus with little figurines of Mickey Mouse, Superman, and many more. Each item on the menu is given a creative title, which makes ordering something at the Papermoon a blast.

Since the Papermoon opened, Kim decided that she did not want to hire a chef to prepare the meals. She had learned how to cook through personal experience and wanted to share the knowledge she gained with her employees. Most people agree that even though the cooks are still learning, the food is excellent none the less.

“Whenever I go to the Papermoon, I always get the Egg Planet. It’s grilled eggplant with cheese on a bun. It’s delicious,” said Ashley Fowler, a frequent Papermoon customer.

The dessert menu is also extremely enticing. On those hot summer nights, nothing taste better than 2 scoops of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream to cool you down. Then on chillier nights in the fall and winter seasons, you may find warm comfort in ordering their bread pudding, served with whip cream and chocolate sauce.

No matter whether it’s hot or cold outside, the Papermoon is definitely one of the coolest hangouts around town. Stop in and give it a try.

Papermoon Diner
227 West 29 Street
Baltimore, MD
(410) 889-4444

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