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Transcription of Interview - Wockenfuss Candies


[Woman ordering and bell rings]

Herman C. Wockenfuss left Germany in 1885 to come to Baltimore where he started what would later become a local legend. He opened several stores in the downtown Baltimore markets. Herman L. Wockenfuss, his youngest son, soon learned the tricks of the trade and joined the family business after serving his country in World War II.

The popularity kept expanding and in 1985 Herman L., and his wife Marian, opened the first Wockenfuss Candies store at 5414 Bel Air Rd. This store included a small factory where the candy was made and sold. At present, the store is three floors high and several row homes wide, housing a full factory, a store complete with cards and giftware, the main office, and plenty of storage. The factory is responsible for making all of the chocolates, fudges and taffies. Richard Koch, Herman and Marian’s nephew, runs the factory.

Wockenfuss also carries a wide selection of gummy candies, hard candies, sugar-free candies, and seasonal treats. Cathy Bell loves the amount of choices Wockenfuss offers.

CB: Because they have a big variety of nuts and chocolates and a lot for everyone to be satisfied.

The company has expanded to North Plaza Mall, Ocean City (at 1st and the Boardwalk and West Ocean City in the Route 50 outlets), White Marsh Mall, Columbia Mall, and Owings Mills Mall. They also ship anywhere in the continental U.S. through UPS.

Herman, Marian, their son Paul and his wife Lynn, are joint owners of the company today that employs 15 family members and many more faithful employees. Marian Wockenfuss says that the care and respect they show to their customers keep them coming back for years.

MW: Because of the quality and the way we treat the customers and the customers return year after year.
EO: One exceptional employee is Marie Weir, who has worked for the company for 15 years. She says customers come back because of the service and friendly environment.
MW: Because their candy is delicious and because we give them good service. And we try to make the customers feel like they’re part of our family too.

Not only do they treat their customers very well, they also treat their employees like family. Many employees start when they’re high school and continuing working for the company all the way through college. Other sales associates are children of past employees who have worked for the company.

The success of Wockenfuss Candies is due in large part, not only to the near-perfect quality of their chocolate, but also to their appreciation for their customers and employees.


[Cash register]

Thank you very much. Have a wonderful Easter and come back and see us again.

EO: This is Emily Olszewski for BaltimoreStories.com.

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