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Transcription of Interview - Mount Pleasant Golf Course


For years, golf was considered a recreational game played only by those with enough time and money. After the evolution of Tiger Woods and the golf boom of the mid-1990s, the sport has become as popular with the middle class as it is with the wealthy.

Still, only a small amount of courses are affordable enough for a player to play on a routine basis, and more times then not, cheaper means poorer quality.

Mount Pleasant Golf Course is different. Located in northeastern Baltimore City, Mount Pleasant offers a course rich in history, and cheap in price.

Head golf pro of twelve years Jim Deck explains the origin of the course.


Well the course was built in 1934 by the city of Baltimore. The land was purchased from the Taylor Family and it's been open since. The history of the golf course, there was in 1939; they had the U.S. Publinx Championship played here, which was a U.S.G.A. event.

In the 1950's they had the Eastern Open, which was a P.G.A. tour stop for the city of Baltimore, one of the only that's been here. Um, some of the people who won it were like Cary Middlecof, Bob Toskie, and Arnold Palmer won his first U.S. event here, in I think it was 1957.


Mount Pleasant is part of the Baltimore Municipal Golf Corporation, otherwise known as the B.M.G.C. Other courses in the B.M.G.C. include Forrest Park, Carrol Park, Clifton Park, and Pine Ridge.

The B.M.G.C. is a non-profit organization run by Baltimore City. All the revenue made by the B.M.G.C. is used to maintain the courses. This gives Mount Pleasant the distinction of being a 20-dollar course in the guise of an upscale facility.

TC: All five of them are always in great shape. The value that the offer, accordingly, is unmatched. You can play a championship golf course like Mount Pleasant for 24 dollars during the week, which includes a golf cart, which includes G.P.S., Global Positioning Systems so you can get all the yardages on the cart itself. And basically their function is to maintain low-cost golf for the people of Baltimore and run tournament programs, run junior programs to basically service the city of Baltimore itself.
CM: The junior program at Mount Pleasant began in the early 90's with just a handful of kids. Today, Mount Pleasant helps the B.M.G.C. run a citywide junior golf program that consists of over 800 kids per year. For only 20 dollars, a junior gets instruction from a P.G.A. professional, free golf on Sundays, a chance at interclub play, and other benefits and discounts.
TC: I'd say its been in place maybe ten years and it started off with a couple of classes with 20 kids at each facility, and has grown to now teach 800 over the course of the year.

To players of high caliber, Mount Pleasant presents a terrific challenge with its rolling hills and parkland style.

To golfers who merely play the game for recreation, Mount Pleasant is a great place to learn the fundamentals of the game without the pressure of a 50-dollar greens fee.

To scratch golfers, beginners, seniors, ladies, and juniors, Mount Pleasant is a special facility that has stood the test of time for 70 years.

Deck explains why golfers still flock to his course:

TC: Location. I mean being in the city of Baltimore is certainly very convenient to those that live around the area. Quality of product, its an excellent golf course. Again the history, you wouldn't have P.G.A. tour events stopping here if it wasn't a challenging event. Um, as well as the conditions have improved each and every year that I've been here. And we're still making improvements. We're putting double irrigation systems in on some holes to take care of some areas that cart wear is really knocking down the grass and we're doing some things to improve it constantly. And I don't think they can get any value out there anywhere, as a golfer, then what they get here at Mount Pleasant or actually any of the five facilities.
CM: For BaltimoreStories.com, this is Jamie Green.

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