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Independent thinking
Story by Jason Scheer
For BaltimoreStories.com

The independent record store is currently on the verge of becoming obsolete. Today, music chains like Sam Goody and FYE, as well as consumer electronics superstores such as Best Buy and Circuit City, dominate the business. Furthermore, general superstores like Target, Wal-Mart and K-mart have gained a sizable foothold in the industry as well.

However, some independent stores continue to persevere in the face of the industry giants. Though they can't compete with the superstores in terms of sheer volume, they certainly can compete with the larger stores in terms of knowledge, passion and individuality.

Three stores in the Baltimore area have managed to maintain their status as an entity in the music industry. They have done so by specializing in the genre that they have a passion for and by carving themselves a niche in the community. Each one appeals to a different segment of the local population and have managed to stay relevant in an industry that is becoming increasingly difficult for the little guy.

I Got The Hookup

An Die Musik

Reptilian Records

Specializes in reggae, rap, and calypso music.

Sells only classical and jazz music.

Has the world of underground rock covered.

Brian Lyncs
(410) 466-2078

Sang Cho
(410) 358-2638

Chris X
(410) 327-1628

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