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The NWSB choir represents diversity

The New Wave Singers of Baltimore (NWSB), includes individuals from all backgrounds and professions. Members are gay and straight, are from different races and cultures, and come from a variety of professions. However, the members share one goal, which is making music to unite all people.

Through music and working together, the choir formed to spread its message of the value of people, tolerance and understanding. The members also seek to be an example of diversity.

Lisa Griffee, president of the NWSB, said the choir makes high-quality music and organizes events such as the annual Cabaret because it is enjoyable for the community and represents the diversity of Baltimore, Md.

Michael Tan, vice president of the NWSB, has been a member of the choir for 10 years. He believes that the message that comes through the music can be credited to bridging the gap between gay and straight.

“The message that comes through is an affirmation of people, acceptance of the gay and lesbian communities and celebration of who a person is, whether he is gay or straight,” he said.

Other members share Tan’s views. Two-year member of the choir, Karen Maricia said she was looking for a musical outlet, something that crossed sexuality lines and served as an ambassador for bringing people together, so she turned to the NWSB.

“This organization shows we are no different than anyone else,” Maricia said.

She also credited the organization for making her a more confident person because she said she is now proud of her sexual orientation.

The NWSB is predominantly a gay and lesbian choir. However, members hope heterosexual members, such as David VonBaron will serve as an inviting face to increase its heterosexual membership.

VonBaron joined the choir one year ago. He calls himself, “the token straight guy.” He said he was just searching for a good chorus group and found it with the NWSB.

“This choir has gay people but more importantly, it is a choir,” he said. “This choir is a community with a wonderful spirit that does really good music and has fun while doing it.”

Membership to the NWSB organization is open to everyone. However, to become a member of the choir, the individual is subjected to the organization’s guidelines. To learn more about becoming a member of the organization and choir visit the NWSB’s web site.

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