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Historic Savage Mill Ghost Walks
By Lindsey Colross
For BaltimoreStories.com

With age comes history and with history comes stories. Historic Savage Mill is well known for its unique shopping, but some employees and customers have gotten more than they bargained for while inside the walls of the mill.

Some believe that there are ghosts that haunt Historic Savage Mill from back when it was a working textile mill. There are times when employees have gotten a feeling they cannot explain, as if there was a spirit or a ghost in their presence.

“People think they've seen ghosts. I've got to tell you, I believe in that kind of thing. I believe there are spirits, although I have never seen one,” said Karen Schlegel, director of leasing at Historic Savage Mill.

While Schlegel has never seen a ghost, she has seen the evidence.

“One of the tenants heard a noise and saw a rack of ties lift up off the wall, float over a display case and fall on the floor.”

When Schlegel heard the noise from her office downstairs, she went up to see what was going on and saw the ties on the floor.

“The manager of the antique center said that she's had her glassware moved around; she swears by that,” said Schlegel. “We have older building where people have worked and there have been people who have died here, so it could be possible.”

Theron C. Jackson, owner of Spice of Life, said that he too has had his own experiences with resident ghosts.

“When the alarms go off the doors close and there have been times that the alarm wouldn't go off, but the doors would close. There's a story that a lady was chasing her kids upstairs and one of them died, so that's what it probably is,” said Jackson.

Although nobody knows if there truly are ghosts haunting Historic Savage Mill, there are plenty of stories floating around that suggest otherwise.

To tell these ghost stories and others which have surfaced over the years, the Howard County Tourism Council sponsors ghost walks at Historic Savage Mill on Friday and Saturday nights in October and November. For more information, contact the Howard County Tourism Council at 1-800-288-8747.

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