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Bands of Baundless Enthusiasm
By Jamie Wozny
For BaltimoreStories.com

Have you ever dreamt of holding a microphone firmly in your hands with your lips pressed up against the cold, crisscross pattern of the metal? Have you felt like singing a note that gives the audience chills? The people you are about to meet felt the same way. They decided to pursue their dreams. They are officially known as band members.

Welcome to a tour of four completely different bands. You will get the inside scoop on how they practice, perform and have fun doing it at the same time. Each one of their stories will give you an overview of the core of each band and what sets them apart from the rest. This behind-the-scenes look at these bands will allow you to witness the rock star lifestyle first hand. Maybe this is the path you will decide you want to take in life as well.

The four Maryland bands featured on this Web site include Plunge, LVT, W.D. Hany and Hindsight. Each band is similar because they all say that they have an extraordinary drive to make music. This is what keeps each band together. Although they each want the same basic pleasure, to be great entertainers and do what they love to do, they are all very distinct bands.

Plunge has been together for 10 years and is more successful than most bands its age. These college-age guys have accomplished so much on their own. The lead singer, Mike Ruocco even dropped out of college at Towson University in Maryland to make this his full-time job. Each one of the band members' families supports their decisions as well. His deep, mellow voice is on the phone every day trying to book tours and call agents. Ruocco is also constantly writing new songs and music on his own. He is just beginning to learn the harsh realities of this business. They recently went on tour outside of the U.S. after being signed by a record label in Europe. Their continued success is an inspiration to many bands.

Hindsight performing is based on having fun. The band claims to enjoy the income too. Yes, they would love to “get lucky” and get signed but these guys are content playing in local, small bars. This Pearl Jam sounding band say they enjoy seeing people sing along and dance to their cover songs. These long-haired guys believe in the image of being in a rock band. They say they hope to always keep music in their lives. Their abnormally energetic attitude is what keeps them together and helps them entertain as well.

LVT is a two-man band. They are one of the few two-man bands on the East Coast. One plays the piano and the other the guitar. For the most part their piano acts as the lead instrument, which is rare. They both sing with distinct voices. They are beginners to the whole band scene, so although they have a CD, it contains five originals. These guys claim to play from the soul and even though they don't have too many choices of where to play, they say they give it their all every time. They are full of surprises.

W.D.Hany stands apart from the rest. This Christian rock band writes its own music because of a gift they were sent from God. Made up of three 40-year-old men and a college-age girl with soul in her voice, these musicians say they love to play music and preach the word of God. Since 2002, W.D. Hany has been playing for free in churches and coffee houses around Baltimore. They get paid every so often, but that isn't their drive to persevere. Their devotion to their musical souls is.

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Hindsight: The name Hindsight sounded “cool” so it stuck. A band of four easygoing guys are trying to make a living playing music.

LVT: Their pants are around their ankles in public and no one is complaining.

Plunge: They are all tuned up and ready to perform their first talent show.

W.D. Hany: They allow God to guide them on their musical paths. They believe that their passion for playing comes from him.