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By Jamie Wozny
For BaltimoreStories.com

The name Hindsight sounded “cool” so it stuck. A band of four easygoing guys are trying to make a living playing music. Their audiences believe that their energy and stage presence along with the familiar music they play make them a captivating cover band. “Their powerful energy allows them to mentally fight through any problems they may have. They stick together. That's why they still have a good flow of money that keeps coming their way,” said friend of the band, Ryan Kirby.

It all started four years ago when Hindsight crossed their fingers and walked up to the door of Brass Monkey, an old, small bar in Fells Point, Md. They handed their newly designed promotional packet to the entertainment director and that was how it all happened. Hindsight received their first job.

Band members of Hindsight include lead vocalist and guitarist Chris Capaletti, bass guitarist and vocalist Dom Notaro, lead guitarist and vocalist Frank Smith and drummer Elliot Wiley.

During shows the audience can witness them head banging, jumping, dancing, goofing off and smiling while twirling their instruments in an intricate fashion.

“They are such a visual band. It's so much cooler to go out and see them play,” said fan Andrea Martelo.

According to Hindsight's Web site, “Hindsight combines infectious beats, strong harmonies, huge rhythm, and an amazing stage show to deliver an in your face rock show and a non- stop party.”

You can spot Hindsight jamming to modern rock in many Baltimore bars. Every Thursday night they play at The Horse You Came in on in Fells Point, Md. It's a small, cozy bar with loud wooden floors where a lot of locals hang out. They have also had the opportunity to play at the Recher Theatre in Towson, Md., and also places like the Purple Moose Saloon in Ocean City, Md.

The most fascinating place they have played was on Eutaw Street in front of Camden Yards. Their manager, Greg Therres of Starleigh Entertainment, booked them on the Orioles Summer Concert Series. This gave them the opportunity to play in front of 3,000 screaming Oriole fans. “It was so much fun on the humungous stage and such a rush to see all these people enjoying our music,” Wiley said.

Although they were given the opportunity to awe the baseball crowd, they have had to play in some unpleasant places to get there. They claim that Mac's club in Essex proved to be the worst club they've ever entertained in. “It was an old VFW hall that they tried to turn into a club. It was a hole in the wall and we literally had no audience,” Notaro said. Hindsight explained that a total of three people showed up that night. They lights were dark, they could barely see their instruments and the employees there were vulgar.

Capaletti, the lead singer, claims that performers have to play at a variety of places to develop into a better band. They also have practices outside of performing. They practice for two hours per day a few times per week. They learn new songs and practice old ones that they haven't played in a while. They play every Thursday and Saturday and almost seven days a week during the summer. They all consider this to be their full-time job.

“I know these guys have the opportunity to make this their full-time job because they have the potential to be entertainers, not just musicians,” Therres said.

Hindsight says that they never know what unexpected event will happen at one of their shows. They recently played at Calypso Bay, a bar in Deale, Md. They were in for a surprise that night when the shot girl, who was a little person, decided to flash them while working. “It was definitely an interesting sight,” Wiley said.

Currently, the band is focused on keeping a full schedule booked and playing at premier clubs in the tri-state area in order to make good money. They are very concerned with making money at the moment because of a conflict within the band that ultimately put them in debt.

The original lead singer of the band, Chris Shucosky left to be guitarist in Plunge, a more prominent, better-paid band in the area. Hindsight said that Shucosky wanted a more successful musical career. His leave left Hindsight financially in trouble because Shucosky acted as the band's treasurer and bought the sound system and van on his own. Because of this, Hindsight recently had to purchase a new van and an entire new sound system which put them $10,000 in debt. They want to focus on working as much as they can now to pay that money back.

They say they want to fix their current problems before they attempt to work on a CD of their own. They currently don't have one. Capaletti is working on writing originals.

These young men proclaim they have a concentrated passion for music. They say that they have always had a love for music and getting paid to do what they love makes them love and appreciate it even more.

“We just need to make sure that we don't kill each other sometimes when the going gets tough. This is our income and we need to remember to work together,” Capaletti said.

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