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Welcome to the Wineries
by Megan Reilly
For BaltimoreStories.com

Maryland wine is growing as fast as the grapes themselves to make a name for itself in the area. The state is fortunate enough to be the home to 16 wineries. From the far mountainous region of Deep Creek, extending to the captivating eastern shores of Sudlerville and stretching way down south to historic St. Mary’s City, grape farmers are working tirelessly to perfect their wines and get them onto dinner tables.

Central Maryland is privileged to contain the bulk of the wineries, 10 to be exact. Some of the most beautiful vineyards in the area are located in and around Baltimore County. Most, including Woodhall Wine Cellars, Basignani Winery and Fiore Winery, came into existence in the 1980s and have been maturing ever since. According to Al Copp of Woodhall Wine Cellars, the industry has proven itself successful by bringing in excess of 50,000 people to the wine festivals held throughout the year.

An increasing number of people are getting involved in wine making. Rose Fiore of Fiore Winery says the young and the retired are taking interest, which has resulted in four new wineries in the state in the past several years. Considering Maryland isn't as prominent as Differences in Napa Valley, it has been a struggle, especially with the chaotic weather, for the local wineries to make a name for themselves. Fortunately, it’s only a matter of time before Maryland wines become nationally renowned.

So venture through this site and learn about a few of the wineries from Central Maryland. Be sure to view the slideshow and if you can, visit one, if not all and taste the wine made by your neighbors.

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