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Screen Painting: A tradition that will never die

Some traditions don't last forever, but some artists refuse to let an art form unique to Baltimore be forgotten.

At one time, when you walked down the streets of Highlandtown, Canton, Fell's Point or any other neighborhood that encompassed East Baltimore, you would see rows of brightly painted windows and doors. But behind those creations lie great history.

Screen painting, a unique Baltimore tradition that dates back to 1913, is unfortunately not going strong. In fact, few Baltimore residents have even heard of the art form that boomed from the 1920s to 1940s. But there are a few artists that are making sure this East Baltimore phenomenon stays alive.

"I don't believe screen painting is a dying art," said Stacey Grabowski, an artist from New Jersey who has been painting screens for six years in Canton. "Even though the younger people moving into the area don't see the charm and usefulness, I love having my front door screen painted and I hope others will too in the future."

Grabowski, as well as other Baltimorean artists such as Tom Lipka who have been around to see the city's changes, know best. Even though your walk through East Baltimore may be different from those in the past, the tradition still lives on. You too can be part of the tradition.

The Baltimore Museum of Art

The Baltimore Museum of Art has recently celebrated its 90th anniversary of bringing art to life to the general public. Close Encounters one of its most recognized outreach programs looks to enrich the minds of the youth through an array of open tours and discussion about notable artists.

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Charm City Skate Park and Shop: Charm City Skate Park and Shop is widely known in the Baltimore area. The owner, Jason Chapman, is a Baltimore native who has an extensive knowledge of skateboarding.

Choir forms using music to bridge all people: Since branching off from the Baltimore Men’s Chorus, the diverse choir has been “making music that matters,” the choir’s mission statement.

Choir works to increase membership: The New Wave Singers of Baltimore (NWSB), overall membership has grown significantly since its formation in 1985.

Cigar Tom: A legend in the nine-ball pool circuit, this Dundalk resident recalls his victories through the years.

City Hall: At the center of a thriving city, Baltimore City Hall represents the past and the future.

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Contact Information: The Breadery

Cylburn Mansion: A victorian vestige: Construction of the Cylburn mansion completed in 1888, but the lion statues that adorn the porch of the mansion and the entrance to the Formal Garden still seem to stand guard after 125 years.

Cylburn Nature Museum and Nature Story Hour: On this day, a dozen or so toddlers and a handful of parents attend the story hour, which is free for children and a dollar for adults.

Cylburn’s Nature Museum and its Arboretum: Cylburn’s Nature Museum and its Arboretum: 200 acres of open space inside the city limits.

Dan: The Critic: Ask Dan Steil that same question and he’ll give you an in-depth answer that rivals that of an ESPN analyst.

Dance To Your Health: Ballroom dancing is an excellent form of enjoyment for some senior citizens and also an ideal way to stay in shape.

Differences in Napa Valley: There are many reasons as to why Napa Valley has been so successful in the wine business.

Diner Suggestions: Enjoy a delicious lunch for a great price: our diner suggestions.

Dining on a budget: A longtime community favorite since 1959, this diner serves customers hot or cold meals 24 hours a day.

Donna’s brews more than Baltimore’s first coffee: It’s the white pillars that separate Donna’s coffee bar and café from the other businesses that occupy the old Park Plaza Hotel in Mount Vernon.

Drinking water and excellent bass fishing: Loch Raven Reservoir is the largest of three area reservoirs that together provide up to 405 million gallons of water per day to Baltimore City and Baltimore County

Dynamite Double-T Diner: Open 24 hours a day, the diner serves the Baltimore community fast meals at affordable prices.

East Towson: One of the oldest traced African American communities in Baltimore County

Eddie's of Roland Park: Elaine Herget is a 67-year-old Roland Park resident who lives by herself.

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum: The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum Brings a Historical Aspect to the Fall

Fiore Winery: The European family vineyards are called La Fellicitta, and the couple decided to honor their roots, and name their vineyard the same.

Franciscan Center: The Franciscan Center offers a world of care to those in need of food, clothing, linens and a heart-felt "hi."

Friday Night Swing Dance Club: Regardless of age the Saturday Night Swing Dance Club invites people to hop in and leave the trouble behind.

Galerie Francoise et Ses Freres: Galerie Françoise et Ses Freres is a place to go and escape from the busy world.

Hidden in Howard County: More unique things to do around the county

High tea with a southern twist: Recent discoveries of tea's health benefits have prompted more Americans to start drinking it.

Hindsight: The name Hindsight sounded “cool” so it stuck. A band of four easygoing guys are trying to make a living playing music.

Historic House Tour and Tea: The community of Roland Park, situated inside the Piedmont Forest, is known throughout Baltimore for winding roads, rolling hills and lavish real estate.

Historic Savage Mill: What was once a textile weaving business, a one-ring circus, a linoleum storage spot and a Christmas Display Village is now considered one of Maryland 's most unique shopping experiences.

Historic Savage Mill Ghost Walks: With age comes history and with history comes stories. Historic Savage Mill is well known for its unique shopping, but some employees and customers have gotten more than they bargained for while inside the walls of the mill.

History of 4711 Roland Ave: The land that comprises the venerable 4700 block of Roland Ave.

Hollywood Diner: Charm city's celebrity diner: The Hollywood Diner is one of the few places you'll find in Baltimore that celebrities have graced with their presence for over two decades.

Hoops of Hope: Hoops of Hope can be a fun way to raise money for those who are suffering from hurricane

Hopkins researches new seniors' program: Experience Corps. is a program providing benefits for local schools and the seniors involved Experience Corps.

How a stretch of closed roadway can draw a crowd: Every weekend thousands of Baltimore City and County residents converge on Loch Raven Drive.

Howard County , Maryland : More than a stop between Baltimore and Washington D.C.: Although Howard County, Md. seems to be booming with big business, real estate and a growing population, there is much more to experience than the obvious retail chains that can be found in any suburb.

Independent thinking: The independent record store is currently on the verge of becoming obsolete.

Jim: The Old Timer: At a tailgating lot just outside Oriole Park at Camden Yards, you’ll be certain to run into Big George’s tailgating party.

Keeping the tradition alive: Meet one artist who is determined to pass on the screen painting tradition.

Latin American Student Organization: Listen to what the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) of Towson University says.

Living the American Dream: The American Dream.

Loch Raven Reservoir: Baltimore's Great Escape

Lozeno “Mike” Plater: Lorenzo Plater is so excited and proud to talk about Baltimore basketball.

LVT: Their pants are around their ankles in public and no one is complaining.

Mexicolor at Galerie Francoise E.S.F.: Judy Zinman Heimann is a mixed media artist who is showing her series, Mexicolor.

Mike's Place: A diner with a smile: Mike's Place opened in 1944 by George Corpus.

Mixed results for Loch Raven cleanup: The fourth annual Loch Raven Reservoir cleanup was held on Oct. 9, 2005.

Mount Pleasant Golf Course: A P.G.A. tour event stop: Mount Pleasant Golf Course is challenging, close by, and best of all it is still affordable.

Now and Then: A Look at Historical Ellicott City: The city carries the name of three Quaker brothers who established this trading center in 1772.

Oh My Word Calligraphy: After retiring from the corporate world in 1991, Jim Roberts knew that he wanted to have his own business.

One of the last local greats: John Alexander's fifty years of experience have shaped the history of jazz in Baltimore, his own music and his outlook on life.

Organization teaches kids Fundamentals of reading: The Parks and People Foundation helps kids struggling with reading skills through camps.

Our Daily Bread Shelter for the homeless: Approximately 724 daily meals are served to the homeless by staff and volunteers from Catholic Charities' Our Daily Bread Shelter.

Padonia Station: The Place to BE: Cockeysville's own Padonia Station cracked the top 10 on ESPN2.

Papermoon Diner: If you’re in the mood for a wacky tacky, out of this world dining experience, you are sure to love the Papermoon Diner.

Party in the parking lot: Tailgaiting is a common activity for football fans. Join the party prior to a Ravens game

Pennsylvania Station: Servicing commuters from in and out of state: Penn Station

Plunge: They are all tuned up and ready to perform their first talent show.

Popular Ballroom Links: Baltimore has a wide range of popular venues to ballroom dance and take lessons.

Programs increase environmental awareness: Aside from sports, Parks and People also has a program called Kids Grow, which teaches elementary school students about the environment.

Recher Theater: The Recher Theater in Towson is the place to go when looking for a good time under a nice, friendly atmosphere.

Record Stores: Independent record stores manage to survive by carving themselves a niche in the community.

Rick and Shawn: The Village Orators: When one thinks of the term “old-school football fans,” men like Rick Dashiell and Shawn Schmidt should be considered icons.

Ridgely's Delight: Get lost in the past of Ridgely's Delight neighborhood and Babe Ruth's museum.

Seniors help local schools: Experience Cops, Students, teachers, and volunteers... all benefit from the Experience Cops venture.

Sights and Sounds in Roland Park: One of the best ways to become acquainted with Baltimore’s Roland Park is to stroll down its main promenade.

Skate or Die, Rodney Jones: If there is a name that links skateboarding to Baltimore, it’s Rodney Jones

Skate Parks in Baltimore: Skate parks in the Baltimore area attract skateboarders from all over the country. Even though there is not an abundance of skate parks in Maryland, the few that are open are popular.

Skateboarding in Baltimore: Have you ever wondered where the hot spots are in Baltimore to skateboard?

Skeet, trapped and hooked: The distant blasts of shells exploding from the barrels of shotguns can be heard throughout the Loch Raven Reservoir Watershed.

Sounds of the past still echo at Baltimore's premier jazz club: The New Haven Lounge is the last of a dying breed: a sophisticated venue that caters to fans and musicians alike.

Sport programs help youth maintain positive GPA: As a way to keep kids interested in school, Parks and People sponsors many sport teams that require children to maintain at least a C average in their classes.

State of Confusion Skate Park and Shop: State of Confusion Skate Shop and Park is one of Baltimore’s new places to go for skaters who are looking for a clean, safe environment.

Tamber's Nifty Fifties Dining: A taste of home: Have you ever had a craving for quick and casual diner food, but wanted something different from the usual diner specials?

Technology: Deepening the experience of art: Technology has tremendous importance at the Baltimore Museum of Art in its power to access vast reservoirs of information instantly, and its ability to teach and to amaze.

Ten Car Pile Up On York Road, Towson: Several generations of subculture intersect in Towson, Md, at a crossroads of two projects created by Shane Gullivan.

The art of jazz: There was a time when the words “live jazz” conjured up images of sharply dressed gentlemen playing on small stages in smoky, dimly lit clubs while young hipsters writhed on a crowded dance floor.

The art of learning: School programs: Though there is little art entering the schools in Maryland, each year tens of thousands of children from schools throughout Maryland come to the Baltimore Museum of Art to see, to learn and to be amazed by the enriching beauty that is held inside the Museum.

The artists' arena: Creating Art and Having Fun. Got time? Spend it creating art and having fun on your own or with your family and friends.

The Babe Ruth Museum: Get lost in the past of Ridgely's Delight neighborhood and Babe Ruth's museum.

The Baltimore Museum of Art: A look inside the history of this institution: As one of Maryland's largest art museums and home to one of the most celebrated art collections in the world.

The Breadery: Located in central Maryland, Howard County is full of thriving communities. Best known for its planned community, Columbia, Howard County is more than a mall. There are many interesting and unique places to visit throughout the county.

The Chesapeake Center for Youth Development: Lifting young lives at risk is the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development mission.

The Cross Street Market: The Cross Street Market has survived 160 years of change.

The Edgar Allan Poe House: Travel to west Baltimore and visit the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum.

The Glass Key: There are two things people must know before taking a stained glass class with Donna Darcy: politics stop at the door and the goal is to have fun.

The infamous lizard: With a bright green awning, crackly wooden shingles, a door fitted with bold yellow trim and a roof so low it would make Doc feel tall.

The Joe Crockett Project: Joe Crockett has already broken into the world of animation and is making waves.

The Maryland Brewer’s Oktoberfest: Fun for not only Beer Drinkers

The NWSB choir represents diversity: The New Wave Singers of Baltimore (NWSB), includes individuals from all backgrounds and professions.

The NWSB’s cabaret promotes unity and raises money: The New Wave Singers of Baltimore (NWSB), on March 6, held their 10th annual Cabaret to showcase its talented choir and to raise money for the choir’s upcoming music festival in Montreal, Canada.

The Royal Theater: Not only the first theater showing "talkies" in town, the Royal also was the first movie house in the area catering to a black audience.

The Senator Theater.: Enjoy a movie at one of the four best theaters in the United States: the Senator Theater.

Trail to unite Baltimore City neighborhoods: Soon Baltimore City is going to be known for its green fields, clear streams and 14-mile long trail that connects 30 neighborhoods.

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Transcription of Interview - Party in the parking lot

Transcription of Interview - People and Parks

Transcription of Interview - The infamous lizard

Transcription of Interview - Trinity Episcopal Church

Transcription of Interview - Wockenfuss Candies

Trinity Episcopal Church: Here lies the Trinity Episcopal Church; the area’s oldest church.

Two Names/Two Lives: Michael Venson let his high arching shot sail over the defender as they battled it out on the blue and red asphalt court.

Vacarro’s—a sweet taste of Little Italy: Where else can you find an all-dessert full service restaurant in Baltimore?

W.D. Hany: They allow God to guide them on their musical paths. They believe that their passion for playing comes from him.

War Memorial Plaza: Maryland Institute College of Art students' come up with ideas to renovate the War Memorial Plaza.

Waverly tearoom features high quality food and tea: When someone mentions high tea, you may picture a snobby English gentleman sipping from a painted porcelain cup out of some Oscar Wilde play.

Weather Effects on Winemaking: Lynne Basignani lists the weather to be one of the most important parts of the winemaking process.

Welcome to the Wineries: Welcome to the Wineries, is about Basignani Winery, Fiore Winery and Woodhall Wine Cellars. It concentrates on the history, goals and accomplishments of each winery.

Where to find them

William Harris: With his turquoise blue trucker hat canted to the left side, he was relaxing in the gym office at the high school.

Wockenfuss Candies: A local Baltimore candy store has been pleasing customers since 1915

Woodhall Wine Cellars: Woodhall Wine Cellars is the winery that almost didn’t succeed.