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Towson University

The project was conceived of and is produced by Thom Lieb and Paula Mozen of Towson University. The idea was to combine our students' diverse talents and technical skills in print and video storytelling to create rich multimedia portraits of Baltimore people and places. We later expanded that idea to include photojournalism and broadcast journalism.

The site is envisioned as a living magazine that will be updated with contributions from a wide range of classes and Baltimore residents. Please feel free to send your comments or suggestions to The initial edition of was created by the following team:


Thom Lieb, professor, journalism and New Media, served as producer, project manager and team leader for students in the Writing for New Media class.

Paula Mozen, assistant professor, film, served as producer, design consultant and team leader for students in the Documentary Film and Video class.

Tenney Mason, director of photography at Patuxent Publishing Co., a chain of weekly newspapers that serves a multitude of local communities in the Baltimore/ Washington corridor, served as team leader for students in the Photojournalism class.

John Turner, associate professor, radio, served as team leader for students in the Broadcast Journalism class.


Kelly Janschek designed all aspects of the site and was responsible for putting content online.


Tufail Ahmed is the current webmaster of the site.

Jeff Lee is a doctoral student of Applied Information Technology program at Towson University. He desiged a web management system to make this site dynamic rather than a static HTML pages -- the content should be saved into database and rendering on the fly. Furthermore, the new website system should have multiple functions such as allowing qualified authors to upload their content (audio, picture, movie or slideshow...) and with an approval feature, etc.

Felipe Quiros was the webmaster of the site from 2003 to 2004

Technical support

Paula Mozen and John Turner's work on this project was supported by fellowships from the Center for Instructional Advancement and Technology at Towson University. John Perrillo of the center was particularly helpful in converting video documentaries to streaming RealVideo format.

Richard Ellsberry of the Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies provided ongoing technical support on various parts of this project.

John Spivey, Radio/Audio Labs Coordinator for the Department of Electronic Media and Film, also provided invaluable assistance.

Fall 2005 contributors

Jenny Becker, Tess Boys, Matthew Brevet, Benjamin Hughes, Kenneth Rossman, Julie Sumper, Michael Vandermause.

Spring 2005 contributors

Maya Ahmad, Kimberly Parody, Megan Reilly, Lindey Colross, Christine Hansen, Lindsay Leopold, Jamie Wozny.

Spring 2004 contributors

Colleen Dugan, Mandy Fowler, Melody Gerberich, Ray Giuffrida, Dave Gordon, Amy Jacques, Renee Kaufman, Jennifer Lehman, Cailin McGough, Vanessa Narad, Jason Scheer, Dana Warsop.

Minimester 2004 contributors

Maria Amoruso, Bryan Fuell, Sara LaHart, Brian Tsai.

Fall 2003 contributors

Elizabeth Andronica, Tommy Bullough, Jennifer Dellava, Danielle Gyarmathy, John Laur, Mike Lyon, Ryan Linn, Chris O'Steen, Kim Parody, Inderia Saunders, Brian Tsai.

Spring 2003 contributors

Christine Blechinger, James Bridge, Ryan Caldwell, Tynisha Carroll, Kelly Creamer, Brandi Davis, Jasmen Davis, Hector del Castillo, Cherie Duval, Michelle Farr, Laura Ferrara, Marc Friedman, Melody Gerberich, Jamie Green, Bill Irwin, Koaru Kokufuda, Alissa Liebert, Crystal Makle, Robert A. Manlapaz, Katie McCulloh, Ryan J. Norkitis, Miriam Packer, Scott Pitocco, Maureen Raphael, Kimi Raspa, Travis Rhoades, Michael Robinson, Cathy Romeo, Michelle Saks, Jessica Temsook, Brianna Volem, Chris Zumpano.

Spring 2002 contributors

Keith Balan, Debra Barr, Mike Burke, Kimberly Cafuir, Brandi Chase, Jose Cobarrubias, Tony Equi, Jordan Feder, Mike Franklin, Tara N. Jones, Matt Kirby, Athena McCrary, Kevin Rice, Natalie Roers, Kerri Sacchet, Anthony Scimonelli, Donna Stallworth, Ken Stratemeyer, Matt Sullivan, Gillian Thatch, Paul Timer, Xochilt Vargas.

Fall 2001 contributors

Maya Ahmad, Maia Alloy, Maria Amoruso, Sarah Brandes, Donald D. Brooks, Abigail Bruch, Jessica Burkins, Akshaya Chinapa, David Clark, Aaron DeBruin, Anne Marie Dill, Randy Dunkle, Lauren Eshkenazi, Faith Evans, Dan Fink, Allison Gass, Jason Grimshaw, Angela Guido, Brian W. Hammock, Mark Henderson, Judith Higgs, Tara Jones, Angela Mayer, Michelle Scheri Karjala, Natalie Kline, Darren Kost, Scott Kuchmas, Randy Lusby, Rebecca McGovern, Justin McNeely, Cynthia L. Moiani, Chad Petri, Dana Plauger, Scott Saocoocio, Michelle Saks, Mala Sardana, Joe Schafer, Tamara Smith, Stephen Turner, Adam Valuckas, Cher Wishard.